Our sustainability actions and targets are forward thinking and aspirational. Sustainability in food service is measured not in dollars, but in a change in systems and behaviours that leads to better outcomes for all of us.

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Sustaining our futures

Acting sustainably is a part of our cultural beliefs, values and attitudes. As one of Canada’s leading food service companies, we aim to lead by example for the greater good of our planet and people.

Our daily behaviours are the best demonstration of our commitment and cultural values in action. We collectively strive to do the right things, every day in our cafés. Our overarching goal is to continue to be more sustainable and reduce our environmental impact by enlisting our partners, our teams and our guests to continuously challenge the status quo, and strive to improve each year.

Caring for people and the local community

In the hospitality industry, success starts with people – those who serve and those who are served. We commit to treating both our staff and the people in the communities we serve with respect, and prioritize their well-being. 

We strive to attract and retain our valued and respected team, as they’re the key to our success. We’re a socially inclusive company that proudly employs over 1,600 Canadians. 

This is how we commit to our people, their families and loved ones:

  • Equal pay for equal roles in the meaningful work they’re a part of;
  • Wellness initiatives, resources and health benefits for our teams and their families;
  • Open communication and a positive work environment to support their mental health;
  • Ongoing training for food, health and safety, to keep both our staff and guests safe; and
  • Daily opportunities such as food tastings and scheduled mealtimes for teams to connect and enjoy food together.

The ingredients for a sustainable company

Sustainability is built into our culinary culture, allowing us to continuously improve our food service operations to reduce environmental impacts. Influenced by the latest research and developments in food procurement, preparation and sustainability, our future-focused approach demonstrates thoughtful practices and solutions in the areas where we have control, divided into five key areas.

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Responsible, Thoughtful and Safe Procurement

Our Canadian food supply chain is regarded as one of the safest in the world. As a national food services management company, we understand that a responsible, thoughtful procurement strategy is vital to sustainable food service delivery.
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Care for People and the Local Community

We commit to treating both our staff and the people in the communities we serve with respect and concern for their well-being. And now more than ever, we care about the social aspect of sustainability. We want to ensure that the people behind the services are treated equally and treated well.
Fish and chips in a basket served with lemon slices and tartar sauce.

Health-Focused Menu Engineering and Food Preparation

Good food service starts with fresh, well-engineered menus. Our chefs are empowered with the knowledge, tools and culinary freedom to create their own menus. Menu creations are driven by seasonal ingredients, regional favourites, culinary and wellness trends that interest their community, and feedback and requests from guests.
A chef stands behind a table with a plated burger and cole slaw.

Reducing and Measuring Food Waste

Waste stream management is critical to reducing what goes into landfills. We train our staff and encourage our customers to do their part by identifying which waste types go into which containers, and provide easy-to-follow procedures.
We’ve implemented procedures to control waste in two parts: Reducing pre-consumer waste, and minimizing post-consumer waste. Reducing waste in the first place is our priority – both in the kitchen and in our service.
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Focused, Efficient Energy Management

We have more tools than ever to optimize or reduce energy and water consumption. In a typical kitchen, energy use is broken down into refrigeration, ventilation, cooking, lighting and more.
By investing in the right technology, we continue to improve our efficiency, reduce CO2 emissions and conserve water.
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