Corporate cycle menus are bland. As a culinary company with a passion for fresh, locally sourced food, every corporate partnership is customized based on our client’s unique needs.

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Being a chef-driven organization makes us a corporate food service provider unlike any other. We’ve earned the business of many of Canada’s top 100 global leaders by consistently exceeding their corporate catering expectations. And we’ll continue proving ourselves – one meal at a time.

The business of exceptional food service

Pulled pork tacos with fresh veggies and cilantro, served on a dark plate with lime wedges.

Delicious menu options that boost employee satisfaction

Inspired by seasonal ingredients, traditional comfort food and the latest food trends, our chefs make a difference to your corporate complex or campus, every day – one your employees and staff will taste. Having quality on-site food services shows that you care about your people and their well-being.
An artfully plated meal of crusted chicken, brown rice and vegetables.

Fresh food that increases engagement

Investing in high-quality corporate food services is one of the best decisions a business can make, as it drives engagement and overall collaboration. But it has to be done right. And that’s by using fresh ingredients from our local suppliers and greenhouses, getting fresh-baked goods from around the corner and even our own kitchen gardens.
A brown rice bowl with a rainbow of veggies, meat and nuts sits on a dark stone countertop.

High-quality food leads to high productivity

Dietary choices have a more direct impact on work output and productivity levels than we realize. Eating the wrong foods throughout the workday can significantly impair productivity. We use fresh ingredients – and avoid all processed and canned foods – in our custom meal creations, meaning your employees will benefit from all the nutrients they provide, enabling them to work effectively and efficiently.
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Our Services

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Custom Food Programs
Elevate the value of your on-site food offering with a custom menu that celebrates culinary trends, seasonal inspirations and your guests’ preferences and tastes.
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Branded Concepts & Vending
Round out your food experience by adding familiar branded partner concepts and fresh vending options to your café.
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Fresh sandwiches in packaged individually in clamshell containers sit on a fridge shelf.
Micro Markets
Micro markets bring big value to your café experience. They’re an innovative addition to existing food service operations, or an appetizing alternative to full on-site food services.
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Fresh, thinly sliced veggies make up a salad garnished with tomato and dressing.
Catering & Event Planning
Make your next event a memorable one with a fresh menu that’s custom made, just for the occasion.
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Learn more about our corporate food services

We have exceeded the corporate expectations of many top organizations. From our approach to sustainability to our scalable on-site food service solutions, download our brochure to see more of what we do and how we do it.

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