Custom On-Site Food Programs

We elevate the value of your on-site food offerings by creating custom menus based on culinary trends, seasonal inspirations and your guests’ preferences and tastes.

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Food that’s worth staying for

Create Custom Food


Traditional corporate rotating menus put a damper on the on-site food service experience. Our talented culinary teams take great pride in using fresh, locally sourced ingredients to prepare meals from scratch, every day.
Relate Custom Food


Enjoying healthy, delicious meals that provide a sense of comfort and familiarity is important. We empower our teams to deliver authentic chef creations combined with friendly and dedicated service and programs that improve the overall guest experience.
Innovate Custom Food


A partnership with us means continuous improvement and finding new ways to elevate the food service experience by measuring performance, implementing efficient technologies and helping our clients reach their business and sustainability goals.

And all the sides that go with it

Along with menu concepts and meals made just for your guests, our custom food programs offer your business an extra helping of value.

social media engagement

Social media engagement

We integrate our proven social media capabilities to deliver a digital layer of value. Our social media strategies can assist with marketing your on-site cafés and retail locations, providing pre-ordering options and creating a feedback loop with your community.
sustainability and food waste

Sustainability & food waste

We strive to source the freshest ingredients from local farmers and producers within the shortest distance to our kitchens. Our social responsibility practices minimize waste and optimize the use of resources. We promise to deliver programs that are sustainable throughout our partnership.
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Digital on-site signage

Our digital menu boards display daily menus and include wellness-focused messaging, information on our local sourcing and chef bios.
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Seasonal inspirations

Our seasonal inspirations program adds a bit of spice to your on-site food experience, providing fun, monthly culinary themes and inclusive holiday celebrations.
online ordering

Online ordering

Each café has its own dedicated menu website that is regularly updated and offers e-commerce capabilities for pre-ordering catering options.
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Community engagement

We run regular pop-up events to engage and entertain our guests. Through our community partnership model, we engage with popular local restaurants to participate in these pop-up events, too.
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Micro markets

We offer a variety of micro markets, farmers’ baskets and grab-and-go food kits that are convenient and readily available. We can also create a unique program that helps you achieve business goals.

Who we serve

We specialize in custom menu creation for private schools, universities and colleges, retail, healthcare, resort, leisure and recreation venues and corporations of all sizes. We are an authentic Canadian alternative to the international food service conglomerates and self-operation.

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Download the Dana 2023 Brochure

Thousands count on you every day. You can count on us to create exceptional food experiences that make a real difference to your business or community. Learn more about what we do and how we make an impact in our 2023 brochure.

Elevate your on-site food service

To learn more about how our custom food programs can enhance collaboration and engagement of your guests, employees or students – or if you’d like to just get started on creating your menu – contact us today.