In partnership with Marek Hospitality, we offer fresh, locally sourced retail food service solutions for healthcare clients across Canada.

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A woman in medical scrubs with a stethoscope around her neck eats a healthy-looking salad while outside." alt="A woman in medical scrubs with a stethoscope around her neck eats a healthy-looking salad while outside.">
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Your staff are busy, and visitors will be preoccupied with their families. Provide them with peace of mind by offering exceptional support and nutrition with our wellness-focused, on-site healthcare food services.

Staff and visitors deserve fresh and nutritious meals

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Diverse, customized menus made from scratch

Whether it’s the full retail café experience or one of our micro markets, all of our menu items are made from scratch, every day. Menu variety, combined with our chefs’ creativity and healthy culinary cooking techniques, creates a selection that’s more flavourful and nutritious for your staff and visitors.
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Local favourites that feel like home

Long hours away from home may have staff and visitors craving their favourite dishes. Our custom menus regularly feature ingredients and produce from local farmers and suppliers that allow us to cook up comforting, delicious meals while adhering to any dietary or religious food restrictions.
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Fresh ingredients that boost energy and nutrition

Staff and visitors who spend long hours in healthcare facilities need more than prepackaged, frozen meals or vending machine options. Real food made with fresh ingredients provides the energy and nutrition they need to continue providing care and support throughout the day.
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Our Services

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Custom Food Programs
Elevate the value of your on-site food offering with a custom menu that celebrates culinary trends, seasonal inspirations and your guests’ preferences and tastes.
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Branded Concepts & Vending
Round out your food experience by adding familiar branded partner concepts and fresh vending options to your café.
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Micro Markets
Micro markets bring big value to your café experience. They’re an innovative addition to existing food service operations, or an appetizing alternative to full on-site food services.
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Catering & Event Planning
Make your next event a memorable one with a fresh menu that’s custom made, just for the occasion.
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Learn more about our healthcare food services

We offer a lot of value to the healthcare community — creating exceptional food experiences that make a real difference for your staff and visitors. From our approach to sustainability to our wellness-focused menus, see what we do in more detail by downloading our brochure.

Meet Marek Hospitality

Marek Hospitality is our sister company, and together we provide retail food service solutions for our healthcare clients who value fresh, local and healthy on-site meals combined with branded retail partner concepts.

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