Enhance your school’s reputation for providing a healthy and comforting campus food experience with fresh, local dining and meal options that help students and residents reach their full learning potential. 

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It’s about more than just another campus meal – we deliver dining solutions that are customized to enhance the overall community experience, and provide nutritious, well-balanced menus that your students, faculty and staff look forward to every day.

Ace your campus dining experience

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Feeding the minds of tomorrow for over 30 years

We specialize in providing custom food service programs for private school and higher education campuses across Canada. It’s a competitive environment, and we have the expertise to help differentiate your reputation for food quality from all other post-secondary institutions. Let our brand belief elevate your food service offering so it reflects the prestige of your school’s reputation.
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Catering to today’s student and faculty needs

We understand that students and staff today are far more connected and informed regarding healthy living than ever before. We have extensive knowledge with sophisticated menu planning to address special diets, food trends and nutritional requirements, and use technology to empower students and staff to make informed decisions.
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Food experiences that bring the community together

We bring a unique perspective and elevate the campus dining experience with the use of fresh, locally sourced ingredients, and catering services that support fundraising activities, parent events, student celebrations and grand alumni fundraisers.
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Our Services

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Custom Food Programs
Elevate the value of your on-site food offering with a custom menu that celebrates culinary trends, seasonal inspirations and your guests’ preferences and tastes.
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Branded Concepts & Vending
Round out your food experience by adding familiar branded partner concepts and fresh vending options to your café.
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Micro Markets
Micro markets bring big value to your café experience. They’re an innovative addition to existing food service operations, or an appetizing alternative to full on-site food services.
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Catering & Event Planning
Make your next event a memorable one with a fresh menu that’s custom made, just for the occasion.
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Learn more about our education food services

We offer a lot of value to higher education communities by creating exceptional food experiences for staff and students. From our approach to sustainability to custom campus menus, download our brochure to see what we do in more detail.

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Want to learn more about how Dana can make a difference to your campus food service and your students’ and faculty’s experience? Get in touch with our team today!