Micro Markets

Micro market food services bring big value to your café experience – especially when they’re elevated by our Scratch, Fresh, Local culinary program and customized delivery method.

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An appetizing alternative to full on-site food service

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Bite-sized markets that are big on quality and selection

We understand that on-site food service and preparation may not be an option. Our micro markets allow you to offer all the benefits of a quality food service program to your guests or employees. They’re also an excellent way to reduce costs, add variety and support speed of service to full-service cafés – and provide an elevated option to vending-only programs. Along with our markets, we also offer farmers’ baskets and grab-and-go food kits that are convenient and readily available.
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Fresh, local menu options

Our micro market program is unlike any other in the marketplace today. The difference? It all starts with our Scratch, Fresh, Local culinary program. Food in our Micro Markets is prepared fresh daily by certified chefs who only use the best local ingredients. Our customized menus offer snack, soup, salad, sandwich, entrée and dessert options that change daily and embrace seasonality, innovation and diversity.
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A custom look and feel

Every micro market is custom designed for a high-end look and feel. Each design concept considers the allocated space and equipment required to service your employees. Open racks, shelves and glass-front coolers make food access easy, quick and convenient. Contemporary fixtures, merchandising and Dana branding complete the design, making it an attractive enhancement to any café experience.

Micro markets make a big impact to your food service experience

Micro markets are an innovative addition to existing food service operations, as they feature individually packaged meals prepared on site daily, without adding significant overhead or staffing. 

They’re a strong addition to any on-site food experience, as they offer the following:

  • A low-cost, low-maintenance food service solution
  • Fresh, local, healthy and nutritious food choices that are a step above industry standards
  • A wide variety of popular food and beverages
  • The option to add non-food products
  • Strict adherence to food service Health and Safety standards
  • Sustainable and tamper-proof packaging
  • 24/7 service
  • Convenient self-checkout and user-friendly kiosks
  • A variety of secure payment options
  • Loyalty programs and fun promotions

Elevate your on-site food offering

To learn more about how micro markets can enhance the on-site food experience for your guests, contact us today.