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From world-class ski hills to modern museums, adding our unique culinary approach to your on-site food experience will help create great memories. 

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Well-deserved leisure time calls for great food to wind down with. We highlight local favourites and prepare meals from scratch using fresh, locally sourced ingredients to transform leisure kitchens into culinary destinations.

Kick back and enjoy custom, seasonally inspired creations

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Made-from-scratch menus that make memories

No matter the venue or event, the food being served is always a topic of conversation. Memorable, creative dishes are hard to forget and a talking point for guests and patrons. From tasteful hors d'oeuvres to fully conceptualized dinner menus, we provide made-from-scratch meals catered just for the occasion.
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Fresh ingredients are the main attraction

Appetizers or courses that come from the freezer or packages can put a damper on your guests’ and patrons’ experience. Meals made from fresh ingredients elevate any event, and are sure to keep the party going. Our meats and poultry are seasoned and roasted in house, produce is sourced from local greenhouses and our herbs come from our own kitchen gardens.
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Local favourites that steal the show

Our chefs believe in celebrating regional staples that are inspired by what’s local, and what’s in season. We always want to support our local community by using what’s closest to our kitchens. That means our leisure and entertainment food service offerings will always feature local delicacies to provide visiting guests and patrons a different food experience.
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Our Services

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Custom Food Programs
Elevate the value of your on-site food offering with a custom menu that celebrates culinary trends, seasonal inspirations and your guests’ preferences and tastes.
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Branded Concepts & Vending
Round out your food experience by adding familiar branded partner concepts and fresh vending options to your café.
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Micro Markets
Micro markets bring big value to your café experience. They’re an innovative addition to existing food service operations, or an appetizing alternative to full on-site food services.
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Catering & Event Planning
Make your next event a memorable one with a fresh menu that’s custom made, just for the occasion.
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Learn more about our leisure and entertainment food services

We offer a lot of value to leisure and entertainment businesses by creating exceptional food experiences for staff and guests. From our approach to sustainability to custom menus made from scratch, download our brochure to see what we do in more detail.

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